Facebook Emoticons

Facebook emoticons are invoked by typing their shortcut codes into the chat box. When you type the shortcut and press Enter the code will transform itself into the yellow emoticon face. Emoticons can be inserted in the middle of the text, they don't necessarily have to be alone in the chat sentence.

Emoticon shortcuts won't work in Facebook statuses, comments or anywhere else, they can only be used in chat box. If you would like to share emoticons to your friends in the Facebook status it is possible but not with these Facebook emoticon shortcuts, you will need a different approach.

Download More Smileys

If you would like to download thousands of more smileys click here. You will be asked to download browser toolbar which will allow you to use emoticons on Facebook and many other sites and applications (social network sites, emails, instant messengers, ...). There are currently more than 10,000 emoticons included.